WAYSTD® at its core, is a group of ordinary people striving to achieve extraordinary things. WAYSTD® started off as a small group of people with a single goal that has flourished into a network of like-minded individuals who are serious about recycling. We've all seen it; it's everywhere, ban plastic, stop plastic production, down with the plastic machine. We at WAYSTD®, consciously CHOOSE to face the fact that plastic products are here to stay for at least our lifetime, possibly that of our children. We embrace the challenge to find viable, eco-friendly and most importantly SUSTAINABLE solutions for the use & reuse of the plastic packaging waste we generate daily as a society. The reality is that plastic won't just disappear overnight, nor will production of products containing plastic. WAYSTD® not only focuses on the production of recycled products, but on the education of businesses, communities & consumers, ensuring that awareness is created around the consumption and recycling of all plastic products.

What do we do with plastic waste?

WAYSTD® manufactures premium quality branded products proudly made in South Africa from 100% plastic bottle waste.

The waste value of each item is substantiated, carrying a clear message to the consumer that plastic waste is valuable, therefore - WAYSTD® - NOT TRASHED.

Together Everyone Achieves More

WAYSTD® would personally like to thank each and every client for their support, together we keep each other safe, create job opportunities and work towards global sustainability.

Project WAYSTD® is a community based initiative. For every PROJECT WAYSTD® mask purchased, WAYSTD® will donate a mask to a school or community in need


WAYSTD® Donates 1 x mask

Together we help our communities







3 x 2L (PET) Plastic Bottles = 5 x WAYSTD® Face Masks.
WAYSTD® face masks do not require replaceable filter.


For every masked purchased WAYSTD®
will donate a mask to a school or community in need

Looking to custom brand your products?
Contact us for your own personalised WAYSTD® mask.

1 x 2L (PET) Plastic Bottles = 30 x WAYSTD® Mask Filters
Replaceable filters for wearers of cotton masks with filter pockets.


For every pack of filters purchased WAYSTD®
will donate a mask to a school or community in need

Looking to custom brand your products?
Contact us for your own personalised WAYSTD® filters.


Gentle hand wash 40°:

Gently wash your WAYSTD® face mask in 40° warm water. Avoid scrubbing or twisting actions that can stretch or damage the fabric. Do not place your mask in boiling water.

Leave your mask in the sun:

Hang your mask in direct sunlight to dry. Avoid putting your mask in the tumble dryer, this will cause your mask material to reduce in size.

Care for your mask:

Take care of your mask, and your mask will take care of you.

What makes our WAYSTD® masks great?


Just so we're clear!


WAYSTD® recycled plastic material provides extra security with our fabrics displaying antimicrobial properties, giving the wearer an added layer of protection.


Hydrophobic surfaces repel water molecules, this means that WAYSTD® masks have a greater ability to prevent water or any other moisture molecules penetrating the surface.

Fast moisture evaporation:

WAYSTD® material offers protection and simultaneously provides ample space for moisture to evaporate swiftly.

Be comfortable & Breathe:

We understand that comfort plays a large role in protective wear, that's why WAYSTD® masks are assembled with a silky smooth 35% recycled combed cotton & 65% recycled plastic bottle material inner layer, ensuring a comfortable and breathable fit for the wearer.

Ticking the boxes!

Our masks adhere to the following specifications:
Outer Layer: ISO 9001:2015 | OSHAS 18001:2007 | ISO 14001:2015
Filter Layer: ISO 14644

Meet the people behind this project.


Lee Barker

An out of the box creative with a manufacturing background, Lee’s years of experience & her approach to sustainable brand building aligned to local manufacture, ethical employment opportunities & green product lines, led to the creation of the WAYSTD® ethos – a way to do business for the good of all.


Hanno van Niekerk

Hanno’s inspiring approach to business & life is translated into every aspect of the WAYSTD® brand. He is the keeper of our “good” , nurturing product development from concept – to design – to reality, streamlining the manufacture processes & building every page of marketing presence that carry’s the WAYSTD NOT TRASHED message into the world, rendering (literally) a physical representation of why WAYSTD® came to be & where it will lead.


Lynn Munitich

A humanitarian & networker extraordinaire, Lynn’s in-depth background in eventing & corporate marketing uniquely link WAYSTD® the brand to the corporate sector & align the WAYSTD® ethos to the global environmental responsibility that is integral to conducting business “for good”

WAYSTD® focuses on the alignment of the UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring our growth and future endeavors meet that of global sustainable development. We uphold 15 of the 17 sustainability goals as seen below :

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